Upon registration for the KARCHER OLYMPIC TRIATHLON & KIDS SPORTS FESTIVAL 2019 (the “Competition”), the Participant acknowledges the rules and the disclaimer as published on the registration website. During the online registration process you have to accept this disclaimer in order to be able to participate at the event. The online registrant/competition participant, hereby declares that he/she has read and understood the stipulations mentioned below and agrees to the contents thereof, which is a condition for participating in the Competition.

The Participant indemnifies TEC Team Endurance Curacao, the competition organizers, the sponsors, volunteers and all the assistants of the organization of the Competition (the “Organization”), against any liability for any risk related to his/her participation in any discipline of the Competition and any pre- and post race related activity.

The Participant is at all times responsible for his/her fitness – including but not limited to physical fitness – and for the continuation of his/her participation. Under no circumstance will the Organization bear any liability for any possible unfitness occurring during or after the Competition or unfitness appearing in retrospect. The Participant declares to be enjoying good health and is able to participate in the Competition without any health risk. The Organization advises every participant to undergo a sports medical examination prior to the Competition. In the event of any doubt regarding his/her health, the Participant is obliged to undergo a check-up by his/her physician prior to the Competition in order to establish whether participation is safe.

Wearing a reliable bicycle helmet is mandatory when cycling. This means that, without a reliable bicycle helmet, it is not permitted to participate in the bicycle discipline. The Participant is familiar with the track and will observe the competition rules as set by the Organization and has to comply promptly, at all times, with the instructions of the Organization. The Participant is responsible for his/her own equipment. Under no circumstance will the Organization be liable for any loss, damage and/or theft of equipment, such as bicycle, clothes, etc.

Personal attendance at the pre-race briefing is mandatory for all Participants as well as the compliance with the instructions given by the Organization, at the pre-race briefing, prior to the race, at the final race briefing, and accordingly indicated organization personnel. The Participant can withdraw from further participation in the Competition at his/her own discretion, at any time for any reason (e.g. changing weather conditions, physical and/or other complaints, unfitness of equipment), before or during the Competition. If the Participant withdraws from the race he or she has the obligation to notify the Organization or to have someone notify The Organization on his or her’s behalf. Withdrawal from the Competition before or during the Competition does not entitle the Participant to refunding of the registration fee. The Organization may in its sole discretion, delay, modify, or cancel the Event. If the event is delayed, modified, or cancelled for any reason, including but not limited to weather conditions, safety issues, organizational issues, directives issued by authorities, event sponsors, event facilitators such as Red Cross, Police, Santa Barbara Resort, Plantation, Seru Boca Estate and or Mining Company, there shall be no refund of registration fee or any refund whatsoever.

For minors (under 18), a parent or guardian must give consent to this disclaimer in order to be able to participate in the Competition and/or Kids Sports Festival. Curaçao law applies to all legal matters concerning the Competition, the Organization and the involvement of Participant in the Competition.

Date: May 25 2019 Electronic Signature confirmed when online registration is complete and/or when online registrant participates in event.