The KÄRCHER Triathlon is one of the best events in the Caribbean with a casual, yet competitive vibe. Our course is hosted on one of the most prestigious beaches in Curacao – Santa Barbara Beach – with ocean and bay views and an after-race party you can’t miss! The event features a fantastic course where athletes swim in the protected, calm ocean waters of Spanish Water Bay, a fast ride featuring excellent road surface and moderate hills on the private roads of the Mijnmaatschappij Curacao (Curacao Mining Company), and a challenging final run on the peninsula of Santa Barbara Estate, the most prestigious, private neighborhood of Curacao. 

The private bike and run courses are hosted on private property and are only open for participants of the KÄRCHER Triathlon, and only during the race itself and/or the scheduled course trainings and explorations as scheduled by the organization.  

Anybody training illegally on the bike or run courses endanger the continuation of the event.  Any participant caught illegally will be disqualified immediately, not allowed to start, expelled from this race and future races, with no money refund. The ONLY people allowed on the courses are the event organizers and people designated by the organization.The swim course is in the open ocean and is available at your discretion. Please note, there are no lifeguards or safety personnel on duty and you are swimming at your own risk. Please see the course map for details on the specific swim course.     

Swim course Karcher Triathlon 2019
Bike course Karcher Triathlon 2019
Run course Karcher Triathlon 2019
Karcher Triathlon transition zone